Jeddah audiophile club


Listening to good music through good playback systems is our goal. For that reason, you are invited to our monthly meeting program so you can exchange ideas, musical tastes and discoveries from our own personal experience.

We are audio and music enthusiasts like you. Aiming in getting the most out of our systems and enjoying the music to the maximum. We have access to some of the finest brands/models that we believe in, and can help you obtain special prices without any commercial pressure, that is possible through our sister company the HI-FI HOUSE.

Catering to all audiophile interests is a must. Whether you are a tube romantic or solid state lover or if you prefer listening to CD or Vinyl, we all have one thing in common: the love of music and the love of listening to it accurately and emotionally reproduced again in our own private homes.

Welcome to our website. This is only the beginning, so comments and suggestions are most welcomed.

Hamed Dandachi and Hicham Aouda


Welcome to the first audiophile club in the middle east

Ken Ishiwata

Hamed Dandachi

Hicham Aouda